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06 May 2022

Twitter Economics

Oppose - genuinely - fighting the ridiculously large bot/spam network. Ad/Marketing model: charge for followers.
22 Apr 2022

Stay away from Trash0 (Auth0)

I’ve seen my fair share of bad business decisions or cover ups when it comes to product functionalities, but Auth0...
02 Apr 2022

Telegram and crypto ...

One of the biggest countersenses I’ve seen is crypto people promoting and using Telegram … And no, it has n...
10 Jan 2022

Series Recommendation 📺 Halt and Catch Fire

Halt and Catch Fire - 2014 The first two seasons of this show are, simply put, amazing! I feel the show took quite a d...
05 Jan 2022

If you're a SaaS provider charging a premium for SAML/SSO ...

Fuck off! Putting authentication options at the highest possible plan is just an idiot move, no other way around it.
15 Nov 2021

Happy 20th birthday Xbox 💚

We have not always seen eye to eye Xbox, but today is your day. Happy 20th birthday! Xbox’s 20th birthday is a go...
07 Nov 2021
30 Oct 2021

Tailscale - VPN done RIGHT!

Recently I wrote about how I don’t feel confident using Canonical’s Landscape and how my particular use case, where Land...
27 Oct 2021

Explain the nonsense of the stock market with just two stocks 📉

Much can be said about evaluations and how the market perceives a certain company. That being said, there is absolutely ...
20 Oct 2021