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06 May 2022

Twitter Economics

Oppose - genuinely - fighting the ridiculously large bot/spam network. Ad/Marketing model: charge for followers.
07 Nov 2021
30 Oct 2021

Tailscale - VPN done RIGHT!

Recently I wrote about how I don’t feel confident using Canonical’s Landscape and how my particular use case, where Land...
27 Oct 2021

Explain the nonsense of the stock market with just two stocks 📉

Much can be said about evaluations and how the market perceives a certain company. That being said, there is absolutely ...
07 Oct 2021

Canonical Landscape Review

For the past 2 years I’ve relied on Canonical Landscape extensively. In this post I’ll summarize my experience with the ...
07 Sep 2020

AWS Guardduty vs IDS

I recently came across an AWS Blog post titled New third-party test compares Amazon GuardDuty to network intrusion detec...
28 Nov 2018

Dualcomm ETAP 2003

The Dualcomm ETAP-2003 is a pretty nifty little device. Because I could not find any images of them before I purchased m...